What Every Student Needs

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot these days,

“What do you think students NEED from their parents (you could also insert leaders as well)?

It’s really not a question that holds one answer. Each person you ask could quite possibly give you a completely different response.

But, it’s one of the most important questions to keep at the top of our minds as parents or if you work with students.

And while I have a list of my own answers, this one is probably at the top…


I believe students need their parents and leaders to demonstrate a high level of consistency. Is this the trait that is at the top of the list? I don’t know… but it’s up there for sure.

* Be Consistent in holding them accountable.

* Be Consistent in our walk with Jesus.

* Be Consistent in our moods.

* Be Consistent in following through with our commitments.

* Be Consistent in our relationship with our spouse (if you’re married).

Students and kids do a ton better when parents and leaders are consistent… there’s a level of comfort from knowing what they can expect from their relationships.

What do you think?