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    This is the second year in a row that we've decided to travel down to Florida for Spring Break with our friends. Last year, we stayed in Cape Coral, Florida and did somewhat of a beach crawl. This year, we decided to stay in Siesta Key, Florida and include other activities outside of beach life.

    Welcome to Florida!

    Mmmmm, orange juice...

    Working hard to find a shark's tooth.

    This pier was awesome. Met some folks from Michigan, watched a couple of kids fishing off the pier and saw the beginning of an awesome sunset.

    Fish cleaning station...

    Mo washing away the excess fish blood.

    The spoils of a fisherman.

    Getting ready for a dolphin cruise and snorkel trip.

    Running and jumping down the beach just behind Stephen King's home.

    Nothing like a nap on the beach.

    One week is never enough.

    *Holga IFORD HP5 PLUS Film and iPhone with VSCOCam Editing