Whether you're a student ministry, church or a non-profit, I'd love to come speak and serve you guys as you serve others.

Gate of Heaven.

This world, this community… your community… needs another gate of heaven… to bring the goodness and faithfulness and grace and promises of God. The question is, will your life be a gate to destruction, or… will your life be a... Gate of heaven.

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Your Story Isn't Over

No matter where you’re at… no matter what you’ve done… as long as you’re breathing, your story still has time to be written. We all have a story. And no matter where you’re at in your story, it’s not over.

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Stealing Second

God is calling each one of us to leave the safety of first base. He’s calling each of us to take our next step and to go after great things for Him. That looks different for each of us. And it might look a little scary or even crazy. But know this, there are those who have gone before us. And there are those who will go with us. The question is… Will you go after God and what He has for you?

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He Knows Your Name

He meets us on our road of misery. He meets with our broken heart, hears our sadness, satisfies our needs and secures our future in Him. And He sees us for who we are and still accepts us as we are and calls us by our name. If you’re tired at working to be known, come to Jesus in whom you will find rest and joy… Because He knows your name.

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Dead Things

Instead of giving up hope, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Can you imagine all the emotions running through this father’s head. The anguish. The frustration with the crowds stalling Jesus. The feeling of desperation thinking he, as a father, didn’t do enough to save his little girl. But with Jesus, dead things aren’t necessarily dead.

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The Battle Isn't Over

God. Is. Fighting. For. You. He has fought FOR you in years past. He will fight FOR you in the future. And, read this… He is currently fighting FOR you right now. Many of us are walking around looking like the Valley of Armageddon today… all green and beautiful. But what can’t be seen, are the 26 layers of ruin that our life is built upon… the hurt, the pain, the harmful decisions, the choices that hurt other people… And God sees that, and says “I’ll fight FOR you and make you new again.” God says I see all the wars you’ve fought. The battles you’ve encountered. The layers of ruin. And He wants you to know that He’s still fighting FOR you.

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Whether you’re a pastor, a non-profit director, a business executive, or podcaster, I’d love to serve you and your audience by bringing an inspiring message of hope and purpose to your next event, gathering, or podcast.